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Palmyra Pharmacy is your local pharmacy. Refill prescriptions online or call (717) 838-1300. We take almost all insurance plans.


Our pharmacists are trusted experts in the medical community who share a genuine concern for your well-being.

Concerned about the new medication you've just been prescribed?  Have lots of questions?  The friendly pharmacists at Palmyra Pharmacy and Gift Shop are here to help!  We understand the complexity of your medications and are always available to help you understand your prescription, addressing any concerns you may have about common side effects, potential drug interactions, and when and how the medication should be taken. Our pharmacists are aware of your busy schedule, and work diligently to fill your prescription quickly and accurately. 99% of the time, we'll have your prescription filled in less than 15 minutes! It’s no wonder that area residents prefer Palmyra Pharmacy & Gift Shop 2 to 1 over chain stores.


personal services

Administering Medicine
Is your child fussy about taking medicine?  Our pharmacists will find alternative methods to help you administer your child's prescription - whether it be turning a pill into a fun flavored liquid, or a topical gel that can be absorbed by the skin.  When traditional methods of administering medicine become difficult, you can turn to the knowledgeable staff at the Palmyra Pharmacy and Gift Shop for solutions.

Packaging Medicine
Our pharmacists can provide special prescription packaging to ensure each drug is taken in the right dosage, at the right time.  Give yourself and your loved ones, the peace of mind knowing that are taking their prescriptions with the proper dose, time of day and frequency.  Let us help you!

Specialized Medications
At the Palmyra Pharmacy, we have your solutions in personalized compounding of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, thyroid conditions, pain management, nutrition and more.  And don't forget your furry family members!  We offer a full line of compounding medications for veterinary needs.  We are your problem-solving experts for more than just prescriptions.

FREE Delivery
Let us help you or your loved ones with our FREE delivery service.  We know just how hectic life can be!  Monday thru Friday, give us a call with your prescription order before noon, and we'll deliver your medications to you that afternoon!  We offer this FREE service to anyone living within a 5-10 mile radius of our location, and we can go farther.  Need a box of tissues with your antibiotic?  We can even deliver over the counter medications with any prescription order!


Professional Services: Health Screening & "How To" Lessons

Pharmacists are among the most trusted members of the medical community.  Our goal is to help you follow your doctor’s orders, while making it easy for you to monitor and understand your own health. Some of the professional services we offer you include:

Health Screening

  • We help you keep track of important aspects of your health, such as blood pressure.

  • Our pharmacists are certified to administer select immunizations.

“How To” Lessons
Not sure about a new inhaler or blood sugar monitor? All customers are encouraged to ask any of our friendly pharmacists for a “How To” lesson to help you understand the correct use of your specific medical device. All questions are welcomed!


We accept almost ALL insurances!

Palmyra Pharmacy works with a wide variety of insurance companies. Don’t be fooled — even if you receive a new insurance card, check with us before having your prescription filled anywhere else! Most likely, we will accept your insurance.